Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases

tough armor extreme protection case

Some of the hardest things to find after the release of a flagship are accessories and cases in particular. While some of the manufacturers such as Apple have some cases of their own, they are often not enough to cover all the phones that would be purchased upon release.

Having a case for the iPhone 7 Plus which is set for release in the second week of September 2016 is very important. Flagships are often pricey and it would be a shame to spend all that money just to drop the phone and break or dent it. Case manufacturer Spigen has already come up with a case collection for the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to making the cases easily available upon release of the flagship, the case manufacturer has also played a vital role in confirming the display and dimensions of the new flagship even before its release. The best cases to buy are:

wallet s premium wallet case



This flip cover wallet case is a pretty handy case to have for the iPhone 7 Plus. In addition to offering protection both for the back and the screen of the new phone, it is also a convenient accessory. It has the wallet design that has slots for cards as well as one for money. One doesn’t have to carry both a wallet and their phone as this case provides for both needs. It is available in black on Amazon for $19.99 only.

hybrid armor air cushion case



This case provides extra protection for the iPhone 7 Plus as it has a dual layer. It is made out of TPU/ PC frame and is available in gunmetal on Amazon. For the case, the buyer needs $19.99 but it is currently on sale at $17.99 with the option of free shipping for holders of Amazon Prime accounts.

thin fit exact fit hard case



This case is similar to one for the iPhone 7 from Spigen as well. Most of the cases have the same design, although they have been custom-fit for the respective flagship variants. The hard case provides ample protection for the iPhone 7 Plus. It comes in black, a neutral color and is available on Amazon for $14.99 which is a bargain for a flagship accessory. The thinness of the case adds negligible surface area thus still gives the owner an authentic feel of the phone beneath the case.




This case is aesthetically appealing for those who like a more bulky exterior. The case provides the ultimate protection for the iPhone 7 Plus and is available in black on Amazon at $16.99. The phone is protected from damage upon impact with a surface in case it is dropped.

tough armor extreme protection case



This rugged dual layer case provides protection for one’s iPhone 7 Plus. It comes in a handy slim design that does not make the phone bulky or add a lot of weight which may make handling the phone a bit different. It comes in gunmetal at $24.99 on Amazon but is currently available on sale at $18.99.