iphone 6c rumours

Will the iPhone 6C become reality?

Apple is known for continuous development and planning for something different. When Apple released iPhone 5c as the budget iPhone option in the market with the plastic cover, rumors started that the company is planning for new…

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ipad air 3 rumors

iPad Air 3- News and Rumors

Apple has traditionally released the mid-sized iPad Air series for the consumers since 2013. However, 2015 was an exception and even after speculations, Apple gave a miss to the rumored iPad Air 3. The new launch of…

8k imac rumors

8K iMac, a necessity?

Apple is reportedly working on a higher resolution Mac termed as 8K iMac. If the reports are to be believed then the feature would be out in the market at the later part of this year. LG…

iOS 10 rumors

What to expect from iOS 10

Apple has already made some significant strides with iOS 9. However, the time has come for the new release of iOS 10. Apple has already made progress on performance and stability. Apple is gearing up for the…

iPhone 7 concept

Could we see a totally redesigned iPhone 7 in 2016?

Apple is known for creativity and innovation. However, when it comes to the design of the iPhone, Apple has been more conservative. The technology of iPhone has dramatically changed in last few years. However, the design has…