Find my iPhone- How to use it

find my iphone

Apple is known for protecting the security and increase the safety of the phone. It is true that there are many apps available for the security and safety of the iPhone, but the Find My iPhone from Apple is one of the best from the manufacturer. This helps you to find and locate your lost or misplaced phone. There are ranges of features available under Find My iPhone. It is pretty much simple to use and you can enjoy all the features of the Find my iPhone in the following ways.

Set Up the Device

You need to first Set up the device for the Find My iPhone. Once you are done with the setting up, you can use the feature from any computer. The Find my iPhone is available in the and you can use that from your computer. You can always download the free Find my iPhone app and install it in the IOS device.

However, you must ensure that the browser you are using to access the Find my iPhone in iCloud is recommended. This feature can also be used among Family Members. The Family Sharing options in iCloud provide you the opportunity to find and protect the IOS device. However, in order to use the feature, all of the Family Members must set up the device in the iCloud.

How does it work?

The working principle of Find my iPhone is pretty simple and based on the Activation Lock. The Activation Lock protects your phone to get misused and sold to other members. So, even if your iPhone or any other device gets stolen, it will be hard to misuse it. However, there are ranges of other features available in the Find my iPhone that can be used to located and trace your iPhone with the help of the IOS App.

Locate the Device

You can always locate your iPhone on the map in case it has been stolen. It helps you to understand that where your phone at the real time is. This is one of the unique features that help you to understand the exact location of your iPhone.

Play Sound

You can always play sound on your device from the Find my iPhone App in order to track it. If you misplace the iPhone somewhere at the home and you are unable to track it, then you can always play the sound on your iPhone directly from the app in iCloud. This is highly beneficial feature of the app.

Lost Mode

Once you know that you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, then you can use the Lost Mode of the Find my iPhone. You can simply lock the iPhone from the iCloud so that no one can misuse your device. This can also help you to track your phone in real time.

Remote Use

Once you feel that it is not possible to get your device back, you can simply erase all the data of your iPhone remotely from the iCloud. This will ensure that none of your personal data is in the wrong hands at any circumstances.

Find my iPhone is one of the best apps that can be used for the IOS devices to locate and track your phone. You can always use it for other IOS devices as well.