iOS features first seen on Android

ios features

There are many iPhone and iPad users of iOS in the world. iOS is considered as one of the best mobile operating system platforms in the world. Apple push on features after features with the update for the users. It goes without saying that these features excite the users. However, not everything that iOS offers is unique. There are many features that were first seen on Android before it made way for the iOS. Here are some of the features that were first seen on the Android platform from Google.

Apple Pencil

apple pencil

Apple recently unveiled something that they have always opposed for iOS. The Apple Pencil is something that will redefine the experience of writing on the screen. Well, it has different sensors for different angles and it is of course one of the best one can see. However, the idea was first seen on Android many years ago in form of Stylus. This was very own Android product that made its way to the iOS.

Live Photos

apple iphone live photos

Apple was very proud in announcing the Live Photos. It is meant for enjoying the photo like a very short video. The user experience with this Live Photos were much hyped.

However, if the history go back for few years, then HTC released something very similar back in 2013. Even Samsung did the same way back before Apple, it is called the GIF file. It is used for the same purpose of capturing photo for 2-5 seconds and then it can be enjoyed with the long press. This iOS feature has been present in Android for long time now.

Siri Proactive Search

ios 9 siri proactive search

Apple takes pride in Siri as one of the best features. It is obviously one of the best and with the recent update it has become even proactive and accurate. You can tell something to Siri and it will automatically create Calendar, Memo and Alarm and range of other features. It will also keep you posted on the same. However, this is not something new for the Android users. Google Now is very powerful and does all that Siri does.

However, it can also search for as well. The only difference with Google Now is that it needs the permission from the users to access the information. However, Apple Siri is independent and does not invade your privacy.

Split Screen

ios split screen

iOS 9 came with Split Screen for the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. This will allow you to use multiple apps running at the same time and in the same screen. It was one of the anticipated features for iOS. However, the same has been in use in Android for multiple years now. Samsung, LG and others have already implemented it. You can even open four windows in Galaxy Tabs from Samsung.


ios passcode

Apple recently increased the length of passcode to 6 digits from 4. However, Android has many things apart from it. It can be pattern, Touch ID, Pass code for more than 6 digits as well. So, there is nothing new again.