iPhone battery saving tips

iPhone Battery saving tips

It is an inescapable fact that the battery performance of the iPhone is not up to the mark. People struggle to find the best battery performance for iPhone. However, it is not that difficult if you can manage it wisely. Here are some tips that can be very helpful to ensure that the battery is better utilized.

Never Charge phone from 0% to 100%

Many people wait for their phone to get discharged before charging. This does not affect the battery performance but also the battery life. So, if you want to charge your battery then never let your phone battery to come to 0%.

Low Power Mode

If you want to utilize the power and battery of the iPhone in a better way, then use the Low Power Mode of the phone. This is actually the low power mode of the IOS and that reduces the power requirement. In the case of iOS 9, the feature is invoked after the battery has fallen below 20% to gain the extra time for the battery. You can go the Battery inside Settings in order to select the Low Power Mode profile.


You can reduce or stop the use of the Apps that are using more power. You can get the report from the Settings and use the iPhone accordingly. This is the one of the best practices for the better battery usage and utilization. Facebook is one of the apps that take a huge amount of battery. There are other apps to that drain your battery by a considerable extent.

Reduce Brightness

You can always reduce the brightness in order to save battery in your phone. You just need to reduce the brightness of the phone when you are not using the phone. This can save huge battery for your iPhone.

Auto Lock

The Auto Lock feature can save a good amount of battery for your iPhone. You can do this change in your settings and then save the battery. This would ensure the phone locking and the battery waste during the idle time can be saved.

Airplane Mode

If you are in an emergency and you need a battery to be saved for the crucial moment, then you can always turn the Airplane Mode on. This will give your iPhone extra bit of mileage in terms of battery. This is one of the best practices for the battery saving.

Disable Internet

You can disable the internet whether Mobile Data or Wi-Fi to save the battery for your iPhone. If you are expecting calls and running without a battery, then turn off the internet to save the battery.

Turn off the Bluetooth

You can always turn off the Bluetooth to ensure better battery management. You can save a good amount of battery in the emergency situation when your iPhone is draining.

These are the best ways to ensure that the battery of iPhone is saved. These tips are really helpful when you are running out of battery and you need your phone for some more time.