Jailbreaking your iPhone – Is is it worth it?

jailbreaking ios

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most used smartphones in the world. However, it is not only the popularity of iPhone that works; it is also the elegance, style and safety of iPhone that are considered. There are many users who are very happy with it and there are who want to break free from all the limitations and restrictions imposed.

Apple has different restrictions imposed from various aspects like default browsers, emails and many more. Well, that forces people to change the hardware specifications of the iPhone and this is what called Jailbreaking of iPhone. Apple is aware of the fact and they are in constant cat and mouse run with the Jail breakers. However, it happens even today and this is hard to stop.

What is Jailbreaking?

First thing is that Jailbreaking is different from the iPhone Unlocking. Unlocking is something where you can use the iPhone with same hardware configuration but with different mobile network. However, the jailbreaking is something very different. Apple comes with iOS specific limitations. Downloading apps from the Apple Store is something mandatory for the iPhone users.

However, people who deny accepting this go for Jailbreaking and change the hardware and software specifications. This would ensure that the iPhone users now can download apps from Google Play Store or any other places as well. This is one of the critical processes that is not considered ethical by Apple.

But does Jailbreaking worth it? Well, that is a question that can have different answers. There are many Pros of the Jailbreaking and at the same time Cons as well. A comprehensive study can give better light to it.

Pros of Jailbreaking

  • You can get many more apps that you would like to use. You must be able to use the apps that you want and Jailbreaking can set you free to do that.
  • You can use the tethering service with your iPhone and can use your iPhone to connect other devices as well.
  • You can get many customization options for the iPhone and that could open world of new user experience. Apple iPhone comes with particular customization that may not suit you. However, Apple does not allow you to customize it further.
  • You can customize your iPhone as per any individual developer or third party as per your wish after the Jailbreaking.
  • You can basically unlock your phone by jailbreaking it. So, you can even change the providers as well.
  • You can even use the iOS files.

Cons of Jailbreaking

  • There are many uncensored apps that are dangerous for the security of the iPhone. Once you are done with Jailbreaking you are open to all of these.
  • The security of the phone gets high reduced. Even the impact and effect of the Anti-Virus software get largely undermined with the jailbreaking.
  • As the iOS gets updated and upgraded, the device will be back to un-jailbreak version again. So, basically you have to jailbreak the device again and again with each update.
  • Also your system becomes largely unstable as well.

Jailbreaking is a common phenomenon that is done to carry out some specific requirements. The necessity of Jailbreaking depends upon the users.