Top 5 iOS Disadvantages

iOS 9 disadvantages

iOS is considered as one of the most popular Operating System platforms in the world. IOS is an operating system from the Apple and is used exclusively for the Apple devices. iOS is currently running with iOS 9.3 version in various iPhones, iPads and iPods including Apple Watch. Even though it is highly regarded as one of the best, but every technology has some or the other disadvantages and iOS is not different either. There are many disadvantages of using the iOS as compared to the rivals like Android. Here are the 5 disadvantages of iOS.


The most significant disadvantage is the flexibility of the Operating System. Unlike Android that is supported by huge range of devices iOS is supported by the Apple products. This is something that limits and restricts the users to experience the iOS features. It does not matter whether you like Apple products or not, you must buy it to enjoy the iOS. However, one can get Android experience from LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Xiaomi and may others. This also restricts the users to buy the Apple devices that are generally very costly. However, the devices are useful and very addictive but one needs to have budget to afford that.


iOS is not open source and that is one of the biggest disadvantage for the users and as well as for the developers. iOS does not really entertain any changes due to this feature and it is disliked by many users. It restricts the users to many applications like one cannot use anything other than iTunes and use third party apps and so on. This is considered one of the most disliked features of iOS.

No Widget Support

iOS does not support the widgets and that is considered as one of the biggest disadvantage of the Operating System. iOS has its own system and unlike Android, the widgets are not supported. However, it is not only that, the iOS Apps are costly and selective. You must use the limited apps that too mostly paid for iOS in order to have the best user experience. In Android, there are ranges of apps available with the widget support as well and that too majorly free. This enhances the user experience.

Large Applications

iOS uses very large applications on the mobile platform. When compared to others, it can be seen that the applications are bit too large for the use. This does not only take lot of space for the mobile but also reduces the speed of the device due to large use of the RAM. However, the applications are not so large in other mobile platforms like Android and Windows.

Battery Performance

The battery performance of the iOS is very poor. The poor battery performance of the device is mostly due to large application and other iOS features. The user experience can be terrible with the 3G services. However, the battery performance on other platforms can be satisfactory. These are the main disadvantages of iOS in the Apple devices.