Which iPhone was the most popular?

iphone 5

Apple has brought the revolution in the smartphone industry when it launched the iPhone. The day passed and Apple has launched many iPhones. However, the best part of the Apple iPhones is that almost all the iPhones that have been launched remained successful. Apple has rolled out few of the iPhones but there are still many options available or the users. Here are the most popular iPhones available.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple has constantly made new iPhones but it has been observed that even today at a global level, Apple iPhone 5 is the most popular iPhone. This iPhone accounts to 27% market of total iPhones sold. The 4 inches of iPhone has LED backlit LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass. It comes with the IOS 6 but can be upgraded to iOS 9.2. The phone is powered by Apple A6 processor. It has LED flash 8 MP camera. It comes with Accelerometer, Proximity and Compass as well.

Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s is another iPhone that is immensely popular. The 4 inches display and IOS 7 upgradable to IOS 9.2. The classy iPhone 5s is known for the sleek design and powerful Apple A7 processor. It has dual LED flash with 8 MP camera along with features like autofocus, geo tagging and others.

Apple iPhone 6S

This is the newly launched 4.7 inches iPhone with LED backlit display. The phone is based on the IOS 9 and is upgradable to 9.2. The new powerful Apple A9 processor is powering the device with three different variants of 16 GB/64 GB/128 GB. The powerful 12 MP rear camera and 8 MP front with 4K video resolution. The 2 GB of RAM makes it one of the faster iPhones. This can be well handled and also has the features like Fingerprint Scanner.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple generally comes out with two different sets of iPhones in order to make good business. The iPhone 6s Plus has 5.5 inches of display. However, the specifications of the iPhone 6s remain the same with as far as the software and hardware are concerned. The incredible phone has won the hearts of millions of the people with the sleek design and impressive look and feel.

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is another phone that has made significant progress in the market. The 4.7 inches phone has IOS 8 and is upgradable to IOS 9.2. The phone is powered by Apple A8. The phone has three different variants of 16/64/128 GB with 2 GB of RAM. The sleek and very portable phone has interactive features like Fingerprint scanner and Apple Pay.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

This is a stylish iPhone with 5.5 inches of screen display. The specifications of the phone are quite similar to the Apple iPhone 6. The special features of Apple Pay, Fingerprint scanner are also available with the stylish Apple iPhone 6 Plus. These are not only the most popular Apple iPhones available in the market but also the best iPhones and few of the best smartphones available in the international market.